The 2014 Atlantic Book Awards:
Scapegoat has won the Dartmouth Book Award for non-fiction!

Read an article by Dean Jobb in the National Post,
regarding the destruction of Ground Zero
and the the loss of the harbour view from Needham Hill.
Janet Kitz and Joel Zemel are interviewed.

Listen to a radio interview with Rick Howe on News 95.7.
Guests: Joel Zemel and Patrick Murphy (19 June 2014)

CTV Atlantic interview with Joel Zemel and Patrick Murphy.

Global TV interview with Joel Zemel and Patrick Murphy.

A full page ad in the Chronicle Herald, Wednesday, 2 July 2014 that appears to take aim at either those who are unaware of the true nature of the issues surrounding the Nova Centre or the truly gullible. It is a blatant example of the kind of media manipulation and patronization that only lots of money and arrogance can buy. As the song goes: "Who do you think you're foolin'?"

An article by Kevin McCoy, President Irving Shipbuilding
"Shipyard Transformation: Generating Nova Scotia employment today."

Click here for the link to King's College Professor of Journalism, Dean Jobb's blog.

The Deconstruction of Ground Zero and Other Historic Sites (et al) (Pictorial).
Commentary is continually updated.


A short note: Some commenters on various blogs and websites have been offended by my comparison of the absence of a dedicated memorial and museum for the Halifax Explosion to the presence of such a memorial for the victims of 9/11 in New York City.

They apparently believe that the importance of explosion victims remembrance is somehow diminished because the cause of their deaths was an accident as opposed to an intentional attack. Such a false notion is indeed another sad product of our times - JHZ.


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