Halifax Explosion - The Manitoba Story
by Michael Dupuis

Michael Dupuis is a retired Canadian history teacher and writer. Since 2005, he has published work in several academic journals, commercial magazines and newspapers on the role played by journalists in historic events including the Winnipeg general strike, Titanic disaster, Halifax Explosion and On to Ottawa Trek and Regina Riot. In 2011, he was a consultant for Danny Schur's Winnipeg General Strike documentary Mike's Bloody Saturday and an advisor to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for the television special Titanic: The Canadian Story. Michael resides in Victoria, British Columbia, with his wife, Christine Moore, and their two Golden Retrievers.

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Michael's new book entitled Winnipeg's General Strike: Reports from the Front Lines had its launch in Winnipeg on 15 May 2014.


A strike gripped Winnipeg from May 15 to June 26, 1919. Some twenty-five thousand workers walked out, demanding better wages and union recognition. Red-fearing opponents insisted labour radicals were attempting to usurp constitutional authority and replace it with Bolshevism. Newspapers like the Manitoba Free Press claimed themselves political victims and warned of Soviet infiltration. Supporters of the general sympathetic strike like the Toronto Daily Star maintained that strikers were not Reds; they were workers fighting for their fair rights. What was really happening in Winnipeg? In an information age dominated by newspapers and magazines, the public turned to reporters and editors for answers.

Michael Dupuis interview at the News Cafe:

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Over the past few years, Michael has been conducting research for a book on the many journalists who covered the Halifax Explosion. It is planned for release prior to the explosion's centenary in 2017. Listen to a radio interview with Rick Howe (97.5 FM) wherein Michael calls for descendants of the reporters to contact him regarding any information about them. Read a related article in the Chronicle Herald.

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